Buying, selling, moving, and starting new jobs all at the same time can be highly stressful, confusing and tough on family life. Many sacrifices have to be made by everyone. I ought to know having worked for a major chartered bank for 40 years, and geographically moved 9 times. My wife Kathy had to deal with two small boys, loss of job, packing and moving several times on her own, as I was away at the new job. Even though I worked in the bank, financing was not always straight forward with the moves into a higher cost area and loss of equity on former homes.

That’s one reason I like doing what I do with the overall goal to help people with their financing and planning to make their experience as stress free as possible.

During those 40 years in the bank, and now at DLC, I have worked with people from all walks of life with a special understanding of the unique needs of the self employed. I commit to explaining everything along the way… whether residential or commercial…purchase refinance LET ME HELP YOU!

Education includes Ontario Mortgage Agents Course and updates, PFP, CSC AICB


  • Integrity
  • Sincere Gratitude
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Respect
  • Dependable
  • Trust
  • Truth

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