23 Nov

Uncover the Mortgage Truth


Posted by: Tom Neeb

Do you believe all mortgages are the same? Do you look for the lowest interest and typically lock-in for five years at a time?

Uncover the Mortgage Truth
Traditional mortgages seem simple. Pick the lowest rate and you’ll save more. Unfortunately, these mortgages can trap you into a system of inflexible payments and control how quickly you pay down debt. Meanwhile, your income sits idle in another account until it’s time for your next mortgage payment.

It’s time to discover what Manulife One can offer you …

• Save More by Doing Less:
o Manulife One combines your Mortgage, Line of Credit, Chequing and Savings together, simplifying your banking and your life
o You could reduce interest costs & become debt free years sooner with one easy to manage account
• Get your money working everyday:
o Any income or money you deposit immediately reduces your debt, saving you interest
o No limits on the amount you can pay down
• Financial Freedom & Flexibility:
o With Manulife One, you can access the equity you’ve built up in your home whenever you need, for whatever you need, up to your borrowing limit
o No hoops to jump through to access your home equity, conveniently access your money when the need arises (no need to apply for another loan)
Uncover the Mortgage Truth. Contact me today.