1)    I work for you and your realtors, not the banks. I don’t get paid unless I fund your mortgage with a lender that is providing the product you need. I have no interest in getting the lender a higher interest rate. I work in your best interests, not the lenders.

2)    I shop the best rates and products from 90 different Banks, Credit Unions, and Trust Companies including:Toronto Dominion Bank, Scotia Bank,First National, DLC Mortgages, B2B, MCAP,Merix,and most of the Canadian Credit Unions, etc.

3)    Our application process is simple and quick. I take a statement of assets, liabilities and income and send it electronically to the lenders I feel are the best fit for your  situation; I normally have feedback later that day or the next.

4)    I take one credit bureau only and forward it to all the lenders! Many people can inadvertently disqualify themselves when shopping for a mortgage over time as their Beacon score can drop with multiple enquiries are made over time.

5)    My services are normally free as the lender pays me a finder’s fee. Lenders now have to compete for business so they value our referrals. Working with brokers saves lenders from paying out the costs associated with additional employees in wages, vacations, training, office space and benefits. The rate is typically lower than if you went directly to the lender

6)    It is important to get PRE-APPROVED with me…especially now after all the rule changes! This way both you and your realtor know exactly what you can purchase, what you need to do prior to purchasing, and the rate can also be locked in. This avoids surprises for both you and your realtor.

7)    One of my best benefits is I can offer a wide variety of products to you as many of you have  varied needs including commercial or mixed use properties, equipment leasing, and factoring.

8)    Personalized Feature Sheets for your realtors listings: are available from me indicating mortgage payments based on down payment and income needed, includes our contact info and picture of property. This can assist them selling your existing home.

9)    I am never too busy for your referrals, and will take excellent care of anyone you think may find my services valuable.  

10)                          Your referrals are truly appreciated!!